marți, 7 iulie 2015

A small Yves Rocher haul

On the 4th of July it was my birthday and Yves Rocher, same as many years before, sent me an email offer I couldn't resist! If I ordered a minimum 50 ron I would get the Naturelle Eau du toilette 75ml free. I adore this perfume, especially in the summer! So I placed the order and it arrived today.
For the order I searched the Yves Rocher site and I decided I wanted to try the Naturelle shower gel too. Therefore I ordered it (50 ron) and got the Naturelle Eau du toilette free.
 The order arrived in two days by courier (15 ron shipping). I paid 65 ron and got a perfume (140 ron full price) and a shower gel (50 ron) I really wanted for a long time. I'll be back with reviews on the blog for both products. I think I made a good deal and I thank you Yves Rocher for having great promotions all the time ! Until next time ,


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