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New products in town with InspiredBeauty.ro

I am very happy to present you today a new online shop InspiredBeauty.ro. They were created to bring to Romania a large variety of brands at accessible prices and to make the shopping experience a very pleasant and easy one.
The reason for my excitement is the arrival to Romania of several brands you could only buy from abroad. Let's take them one by one.
My first love is Soap&Glory, a drugstore brand from UK, well known for its good quality products. I want to try both the face and body care products as well as make-up. Their products are raved about by all the UK beauty bloggers and more.

Next is Kiko, the very well loved Italian brand. I have only tried a mascara from them - review here - but I'm really curious about their eye shadows, I've heard so much about.

Another brand I am eager to try is from the high-end category, renowed all over the world for its outstanding quality of products : Nars. I am really excited to try one at their blushes, lipsticks, multuple sticks, eye shadows and many, many more.
The next brands I will present you are new for me too. I haven't heard much about them, not have I tried them. Let's meet them! 

Balm Balm Organic - is a UK 100% organic skincare company founded in 2005. Every product they make is 100% Organic and 100% Natural. Every ingredient is clearly described with no hidden ones. The ingredient and manufacturing process chain is examined and verified each & every year. Sounds pretty good to me!

Next is Greenscape - an UK brand with 100% organic ingredients and exquisite scents that will warm your body and make you smile. It also has a high-end appearance of all its products. Yum!

The UK brand Cowshed is next. They became famous for the award-winning bath, body and skincare products they created for their first spa in the old cow shed at Babington House, Somerset in 1998. The scents, colours, botanical ingredients and herbal remedies remain the basis for their ever-expanding range of honest and natural products, made in England using the very best organic, wildcrafted and fairly-traded plant extracts and essential oils.

Cheeky - is Cowshed's "naughty little sister" line, an affordable range of hair, make-up and body products to sit alongside the original Cowshed brand. The collection of products includes essentials such as dry shampoo, body oil and a 21-strong range of nail polishes, each named in Cowshed's typically tongue-in-cheek style. All products are scented with the new Cheeky fragrance, an uplifting mix of grapefruit, petitgrain, lemon and cedarwood.

Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics is a luxurious 100% all natural makeup made in London. Lily Lolo is an award winning mineral cosmetics range found in selected beauty salons. It has achieved cult status by beautifully harmonising natural, chemical free ingredients with the ultimate in mineral based technology. Every product is free from harsh chemicals, dyes and fillers and even has antibacterial properties to help improve the skin.

Now a good news from men too - Neville is in town! It is the ultimate in premium British grooming for gents who like to look sharp in seconds. Neville is all about the refinement of the past mixed with the performance of the present. Inspired by men’s grooming the old-fashioned way, with more than a nod to the classic British barber shop, we’ve combined a distinguished, old-world approach to packaging and design with the very best in modern, natural ingredients. The result is a supercharged line-up of men’s shaving, hair, body and skin care products.

Let's go back to the ladies with Rose&Co. Rose & Co. was created by Patricia and Caroline Rose when they bought an old druggists shop in Yorkshire. With a love of all things vintage, beautiful and romantic, they restored the shop to its former Victorian splendour and a quirky but charming beauty apothecary was born. Caroline uses the delicacy and elegance of the packaging in her vast collection of vintage cosmetics and perfume bottles as inspiration for her own range of bath and beauty preparations.

And last but not least there is Toni&Guy. Toni Mascolo and brother Guy co-founded the first TONI&GUY salon in 1963 in Clapham, London. By the late 1990s, the company had grown from a single salon to over 100 in 20 countries worldwide. Driven by their philosophy of pushing the boundaries of hairdressing and delivering creativity, quality and consistency to every client, Toni and Guy Mascolo were amongst the first to begin the franchising boom, with the first franchised salon opening in Brighton in 1988.TONI&GUY has remained at the forefront of the hairdressing industry, pioneering the professional hairdresser and exceeding all industry standards to make expertise available on a global scale.

You can find out more about the payment and delivery conditions here .
I am very happy that more and more brands from UK and other countries have become more accesible to Romanian buyers, who had to buy them from abroad and to pay extra taxes for them, not to mention the time it took to arrive. So yes, I'm glad that these brands have come to Romania! I can't wait to try them all and share my thoughts on them with you! Until next time,


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