luni, 6 iulie 2015

Bite-size news : Melkior, Nivea, Sabon

I decided to create this new category : Bite-size news to present you grouped short information on beauty news or releases that are too short to have a post of their own. Let's begin :
Melkior has two new releases : its new Defining Foundation  (89.90 ron) - 7 shades.
  • medium to great coverage
  • light, mattifying texture
  • UVB filters 
  • its formula contains a biomimetic peptide that slows down the aging process and improves the wrinkles' aspect.
And the new Etnic Collection - Everlasting Nail Laquer consisting in three shades : Ever Indigo, Ever Ocean and Ever Crimson (116 ron).
Today is the International Kissing Day and with Nivea, we can have luscious, soft, kissable lips in a second ! Their famous lip balms need no introduction : there is NIVEA Fruitty Shine Cherry for shiny lips, NIVEA Fruity Shine Strawberry for intense coloured lips and NIVEA Soft Rose for a romantic encounter. Your lips will definitely be ready for the sweetest of kisses! Price - 9 ron.
Sabon, one of my favourite brands has just released its own beach bags, just in time for the summer holiday, where everybody wants to have fun in the sun! They are gorgeous and quite roomy and easy to use. They can only be found in the stores so go and check them out! Price - 85 ron/each.
That's it for now ! I'll be back with more news and information. Until next time ,


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