luni, 13 iulie 2015

Wycon Wild Escape limited collection or glamour on the go - swatches

You know me : I looove to check out the latest releases and just wander in beauty stores at leisure, enjoying and swatching the goodies there. This was no exception, I went to Wycon to check out the latest releases. Just in time to enjoy the latest limited edition : Wild Escape.
The inspiration for this new collection is an escape to wild places, from the mundane to the exotic. The collection contains exclusive make-up products using warm colors with a metallized pink gold packaging.
    This limited collection contains :
Two Nude'n'Wild palettes - no.1 in brown, gold, taupe colours and no.2 in pink, grey colours. (139.90 ron/24.90 euros)
Nude'n'Wild palette - no.1
Nude'n'Wild palette - no.2
8 Dusty Cushion Eyeshadows - a creamy, long-lasting texture in metallic shades. (49.90ron/8.90 euros)
8 Intense Eyeliner shades - intense, creamy, water-proof formula. (49.90 ron - now 38.90/8.90 euros)
Raising Lashes mascara - gives volume and high definition to the lashes. Formula with natural vax and vitamin E. No parabens. (49.90ron/8.90 euros)
mascaras and dual step kajal glitter
Lash Primer mascara - creamy texture that helps the mascara to add volume to the lashes. No parabens. (44.90 ron/7.90 euros)

Dual Step Kajal Glitter - a dual effect product : the kajal gives definition and colour and the glitter top coat adds a touch of glamour. (55.90 ron/9.90 euros)

Desert Powder - velvety, glowing powder adds a touch a light to the face for a spectacular effect. (72.90 ron/ 12.90 euros)
12 Brilliant Lips lipsticks - creamy, hydrating texture for luscious, shiny lips. (38.90 ron/6.90 euros)
12 Velvet lips lipsticks - velvety matte finish with a long-lasting formula. (49.90 ron/8.90 euros)
5 Wild Escape nail laquers - intense colour, long-lasting gel finish. (27.90ron/4.90 euros)
Kit Stencil for eyebrows - easy to use. For perfectly drawn brows. (72.90 ron/12.90 euros)
And that's it! The collection is lovely, I loooove the rose gold packaging and the incredibly pigmented eye shadows and eyeliners. All the swatches were made in the store without any primer. The colours are intense and very pigmented. I loove them! I already have several products on my wishlist, especially the pallettes and the dusty cushion eyeshadows in 01 and 02.
And a final look at the Wild Escape limited edition collection ! The collection contains products for every taste, for both a day and a night look. I think it is impossible to not like something from this collection !
There are great quality products, very pigmented and easy to use. It is a limited edition so go and check it out in the store before it runs out ! You can find the collection at Wycon's store on Selari Street no. 7, Bucharest. Until next time,


  1. Unde se gasesc aceste produse, Monica? Paleta nude pare foarte interesanta si e acceptabila la pret :).

    1. Scuze, am updatat postarea. Magazinul este pe str. Selari nr.7 in Centrul Vechi. Ambele palete sunt superbe!! Foarte pigmentate si versatile! Merita!

  2. Super, in Centrul Vechi. Multumesc !

  3. Da, e simplu de ajuns. Ma bucur ca ti-a placut postarea.


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