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Yves Rocher Naturelle Eau de toilette - my fresh breeze in the summer

In these very hot days I can't really stand many strong scents, especially in perfumes. A sweeter scent that I like in the winter time makes me sick in the summer. Therefore I like to wear very fresh, citrusy, light scents. One of my favourites is Yves Rocher Naturelle
Naturelle, an appointment with lightheartedness. It is a women’s fragrance from Yves Rocher, launched in April 2008 as 75 ml edt. It is dedicated to all those women who feel like 20 years old, who are natural, spontaneous, energetic and want to smell fresh, sparkling and simple.
The sparkling freshness of a mythical garden... with facets of crisp green apple, an innocent floral heart of Egyptian jasmine absolute and Peach blossom, grounded by hints of Virginian cedar, amber and musk.
A light, carefree fragrance, composed of 90% natural ingredients. Fresh and sparkling, it will infuse your aura with a blend of green, floral and fruity notes.
Top notes: the freshness and energy of crisp green apples
Heart notes : floral, light notes of Egyptian Jasmine absolute and Peach blossom
Base notes : Virginian cedar, amber and musk
Ingredients: alcohol,water, fragrance, limonene, benzotriazolyl dodecyl p-cresol, linalool, geraniol, citronellol, benzyl alcohol, citral, benzyl benzoate.
It comes in a 2.5oz./75 ml spray glass bottle. Every time I feel the need to refresh myself I spritz a little onto my skin and I instantly feel better. The smell is very fresh and light, I simply adore it in the summer! I didn't have any allergic reactions to it, like itching or reddening of the skin.
Unfortunately being a very fresh scent I doesn't last very long onto my skin, it lasts for about 1 or 2 hours at most. I wrote in a previous post about the newest fragrance in the Naturelle range: Yves Rocher Naturelle Osmanthus ; personally I still like better the original Naturelle scent, it is fresher and less sweet than the new limited edition.
It can be found in all Yves Rocher stores at the price of 140 ron/52 dollars. 
All in all, Yves Rocher Naturelle Eau de toilette is a great day to day perfume for the hot, summer days. It is light, fresh and energizing! I give it the B grade for not being long-lasting. It is a great perfume if you like fresh, light scents so go and check it out in the stores ! Until next time ,


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