joi, 2 iulie 2015

Valentina Pelinel talks about beauty, attitude and life

I don't think there is any beauty and fashion lover who doesn't know who Valentina Pelinel is. She is a very famous model nationally and abroad. A vision of beauty inside and out, she hosted a beauty conference on 25th June 2015 at The Library restaurant, in which she revealed the secrets of her beauty and success.
Besides herself, Valentina invited a series of specialists to share their knowledge and experience with us : Alexandra Caciuriac from Marionnaud; Lili Olteanu Educational Manager at TopLine and dr. Oana Spanu, Dermatologist, representing La Roche Posay.
Alexandra Caciuriac
Lili Olteanu
Oana Spanu
Valentina Pelinel's secrets of beauty? She is living a healthy, balanced life with an optimistic and happy attitude and many beauty products and procedures. She also presented us her mother who managed to change her lifestyle for the better and lose weight. An example to be followed, no matter what age you are!
Valentina and her mother
Alexandra Caciuriac from Marionnaud told us how to wear our make-up during the hotter seasons, especially in the summer; and shared with us the latest trends in make-up in 2015. 

Ms. Lili Olteanu from TopLine explained how we can bronze and be healthy and more importantly how to maintain the blonzed glow longer. 

Dr. Oana Spanu reinforced yet again the importance of wearing sunscreen and protecting the skin against the sun's damaging rays. She revealed the results of a skin check done in 2014 from May to June, with 142 dermatologists on over 1100 patients; only around 20% of them were using SPF. This is not good.

It was a pleasant evening, filled with new information and fun. Beauty is not a concept that's hard to achieve: it's all about the right attitude and the love and care you have for your body and mind.
with my fellow beauty bloggers
The sponsors of the event : Marionnaud, TopLine, La Roche Posay si Iconic Health by Camelia Sucu. Until next time ,



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