duminică, 5 iulie 2015

MustaeV wishlist - Face Make-up Edition

As I promised before I'm back with another part of my MustaeV wishlist; this time the Face Make-up Edition. Let's begin!


Of course the Skinny Tint Foundation in Bright Beige  (33 dollars/40ml) - review here. I told you it had made a great impression on me so now I want it full size!
I am curious about the Lustruous Cream Base (33 dollars/40 ml). It has a luminous pink pearl hue, that reflects the light and creates a smooth, lustruous skin. It keeps the skin hydrated and enhances adherence so foundation can melt perfectly into the skin. I have a shiny, oily skin but I would like my skin to look healthy since I tend to use mattifying products that take away the sebum and its natural glow.

Blushers, bronzers and highlighters: 

I skipped the powders, since they don't have a mattifying one; I prefer to mattify with powder, then apply colour, bronzers and highlighters onto my face as I need.

I would like to try both blushers : Cheeky Cheek Blush - in Floral Glow (warm apricolt pink) and Odd Pink (cool violet pink) - 20 dollars. They have a soft and silky texture and they are long wearing, having a sebum control powder that keeps the blush fresh all day. You can imagine my curiosity! I haven't heard of sebum control blush before!
I kind of avoid bronzing powders, since it is difficult to find the right shade for my fair skin, a shade that doesn't make me orange or too ashy and that makes me look naturally blonzed. For highlighters I use them on top of my cheekbones and in the innner corner of my eyes and under my eyebrows. So yes I would try the Face Architect Powder in Light On (25 dollars). It is a bright pink beige with tiny fine lustruous pearl.
That's it for this Face Make-up Edition. I'll be back with the final one dedicated to Lips and Make-up Brushes! I am the most curious about the blushers' quality of keeping the sebum away and lasting all day. I have problems in keeping the products onto my face all day, especially in the summer. So I hope they won't dissapoint me. We'll see. Until next time ,


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