joi, 16 iulie 2015

Melvita Eau Florale de Rose Ancienne - review

Today I will talk to you about one of my very favourites : the Melvita Eau Florale de Rose Ancienne, which I use as toner after the make-up removers or as a refreshing water during the day.
Melvita Eau Florale de Rose Ancienne - 100% of the total ingredients from natural origin and 99% of the total ingredients from Organic Farming 
Certified organic and fair trade, Melvita's rose floral water is obtained by steam distillation of fresh Rosa damascena petals. The unique extraction method enables the brand to obtain a floral water that is particularly rich in active ingredients, making it a naturally powerful formula.
With its fresh, delicate scent, our organic floral water helps to combat dehydration and regenerate the skin. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED.
Directions for use : Soak into a cotton wool pad and apply to the face morning and evening to tone the complexion. Do not rinse. Melvita beauty tip: Deeply moisturizes and discreetly perfumes the skin. An ideal care after a sun exposure.
It comes in a 200ml/6.7 oz spray bottle with a very useful, hygienic and travel-friendly pump. It has a valability of 6 months.
It has a discrete, lovely rose scent that I adore! The pump makes it easy to apply onto the skin, making it feel refreshed and perfumed. I cannot say I really felt the hydration after using it but my skin felt very good  and I didn't have any reactions to it, like reddening or itching. It is a product I really appreciate for the 100% natural ingredients it contains; it is great for the skin to have as many natural ingredients as it can in its designed products.
Ingredients : ROSA DAMASCENA FLOWER WATER (Ingredients from Organic Farming) - AQUA/WATER - POLYEPSILON-LYSINE - CITRONELLOL - GERANIOL - EUGENOL (Natural components of floral water).
You can find it in all Sensiblu pharmacies at the price of aprox. 58 ron/16 pounds.
All in all, the Melvita Eau Florale de Rose Ancienne is a lovely floral water to use during the hot seasons or all year round. As a toner it has become a staple in my daily routine and I have become quite addicted to it! I will definitely buy it again when I finish it! I adore the smell and how I feel my skin after using it, therefore I give it the -A grade (I didn't feel my skin moisturized afterwards). If you like these types of floral waters or you love roses, go and check it out in the stores ! Until the next time ,
A dose of English :
steam - the vapor phase of water
to soak - to immerse in liquid for a period of time 
to rinse - to remove (soap, for example) by washing lightly in water
staple - a basic or principal element or feature


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