vineri, 3 iulie 2015

MustaeV wishlist - Eye Make-up Edition

I have met MustaeV quite recently by testing their Skinny Tint foundation, which was a very pleasant surprise for me. I really didn't expect with my combination to oily skin (more towards oily now that's summer) that this moisturizing foundation would last all day on me, without melting and dissapearing in different places, especially around the nose. 
I had a full 10 hour day at work and I was really excited to see it almost as well applied onto the face as in the morning. Yes I had to blot and reapply powder around every 4 hours but I have to do this with almost every foundation  anyway. So yes, my first encounter with MustaeV was a hit!
It has made me even more intrigued and excited to know more of their products. For the last several weeks I have had a very busy period at work and I didn't have the time to surf more the internet in search of my favourite sources of information and beauty products. Now that I'm almost free I have finally browsed MustaeV's site to see what to put on my wishlist. Tough choice ! I want them all ! I narrowed it down to the essentials by categories.

Let's start with the eye make-up :

MustaeV single eye shadows (13 dollars) in - Aura, Dazzle, Dazzle Pink, Desert Pink, Naked Wood, Pink Mist and Skin for the beginning.
Dazzle Pink
Desert Pink
Naked Wood
Pink Mist
Aren't they simply gorgeous ?? Looove them!

Let's move on to pigments or Color Powders (15 and 18 dollars). I want them all : Pink, Opal, Gold, White, Champagne.
 Just look at them ! They would look fabulous onto a bronzed skin, for an evening, glamourous make-up. You could even use them as highlighters onto the cheekbones or décolletage for a very sexy look.
I also love the new quad eye shadow palletes (52 dollars) that would arrive soon on the site - they look very travel friendly and easy to use. There is a good combination of colours that would work well for both a day look and an evening one. The Nude and Skin are my favourites.
I also want the longwear eye liner pencils, I really love the long lasting products that can stay onto my oily skin. And there would be more : eye brow and eye crayons, gel and liquid liners, mascaras. Told you I want them all!
I will stop here, I know you are bored by now. I'll be back with another part of my wishlist : the Face Make-up Edition. Tell me What are your favourites ? Until next time,


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