luni, 30 noiembrie 2015

Yves Rocher Red Berries Smoothie Shower Cream - review

The subject of this post is a product I really love. And I used it and almost finished it and I am sad to let it go. It is a smoothie shower cream from Yves Rocher with red berries. I love forest fruits both in tea, cakes or cosmetics and shades for lipsticks or eyeshadows. I adore them so when I saw the Yves Rocher Red Berries Smoothie Shower Cream in the store I knew I had to have it.

Clinique Pop Lipstick in Raspberry Pop - review

I have bought this Clinique lipstick from Sephora, after receiving a promotional mail to come to the store and get a gift with purchase. I got some deluxe Clinique sample sizes to try, since I am not very familiar with the products of the brand, especially the face care. I am really excited to try the new goodies from Clinique. Let's find out more about the Clinique Pop Lipstick.
Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer. Luxurious yet weightless formula merges bold, saturated colour with a smoothing primer. Glides on effortlessly to give a modern-velvet finish. Colour stays true and keeps lips comfortably moisturized for 8 hours. Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.

duminică, 29 noiembrie 2015

Jumbo store haul

Today was a long and pleasant day for me : I was for most part of the day in great company with my work colleagues at an IELTS seminar (I am an English teacher first). I learnt a lot of useful information on how to best prepare my students for the all important IELTS exam and I exchanged ideas and experiences with my lovely colleagues. Since I was in close proximity of a Jumbo store (the one on Bulevardul Theodor Pallady 51G) I decided to check it out. And of course I didn't leave empty handed.

sâmbătă, 28 noiembrie 2015

Letter to Santa for mom

This year Marionnaud is Santa's right hand brand helping the little ones plan surprises for their beloved moms. "Letter to Santa for mom" is their simple way of expressing their love, writing for Santa what they want him to bring their mothers for Christmas.

vineri, 27 noiembrie 2015

Black Friday 2015 offers

The real Black Friday has come so I thought I would compile the offers that look interesting and appealing to you. The offers last today only, or the entire weekend. So if you want something hurry up, the offers are limited!

joi, 26 noiembrie 2015

SVR Sebiaclear Cicapeel & Noreva Actipur Anti-imperfections intensive treatment - first impressions

I received these products for testing a while ago but I just couldn't review them. I have combination to oily skin with excess sebum. I rarely have skin breakouts either due to hormonal changes or to perspiration in the summer time. I always extra cleanse the skin, be careful not to touch the face with my dirty hands and so on. So I very rarely have skin breakouts. Both skin treatments were waiting patiently.. Until some small zits appeared due to hormones. It was time to attack them with the SVR Sebiaclear Cicapeel & Noreva Actipur Anti-imperfections intensive treatment. Firstly let's find out more about them.

miercuri, 25 noiembrie 2015

Celebrate Christmas with Yves Rocher every year

Christmas has come earlier this year for me. I have had the pleasure of seeing today the Christmas limited collections from Yves Rocher. What can I say ? I want them all! They smell wonderful and look great! You know there is always a scent that immediately puts you in a good mood and makes you feel festive. This year it's all about Yves Rocher. You can easily gift your loved ones or even pamper yourself a little early with Yves Rocher.
the Yves Rocher Xmas tree

marți, 24 noiembrie 2015

Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 mascara - review

I haven't written a mascara review since summer, before trying lash extensions, my experience here sensual-thick-long-lashes. I wore the lash extensions up to October, when I told them goodbye and started using a new mascara I had for a long time in my stash. It is Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 mascara.

luni, 23 noiembrie 2015

Lush Jumping Juniper shampoo bar - review

My main issue with my hair is a big one: it's too oily. It is fine, it lacks volume but I can handle it. What I can't stand is its oilyness. This is my almost daily battle. If I wash it in the morning, in the evening my roots are already oily. So I'm always on the hunt for the right shampoo for my hair. 

And yes, I am addicted to dry shampoos, to be more specific to Batiste, especially the XXL version. And it is quite expensive so I really want to find an effcient shampoo that can help me reduce the oilyness and increase the time between washes. I've heard that Lush Jumping Juniper shampoo bar is very efficient for oily hair so I decided to try it. Of course I had to ask somebody travelling in the UK to bring it to me because you cannot find Lush products in Romania .. So I bought two. And finished one. And this is my review.

duminică, 22 noiembrie 2015

L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Purifying Micellar Water for normal and combination skin - review

The subject of today's review is a micellar water I have recently finished so it's time I share with you my thoughts on it. It is L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Purifying Micellar Water.

vineri, 20 noiembrie 2015

Bobbi Brown - a fascinating universe of elegance and beauty

I have told you in a previous post the fascinating story of Bobbi Brown and shared with you the great news that there will be a Bobbi Brown store in Bucharest, Romania, in Baneasa Shopping City. And yes, the store has opened its doors on the 18th of November. And of course, as a beauty lover that I am, I just couldn't miss the oportunity to visit the store and unveil its misteries.

Step into a universe of timeless beauty. Refined and understated, luxurious and discrete, the Bobbi Brown universe beacons you in. And you cannot resist its powerful lure. I stepped in a fascinating universe where you forget about the passing of time and you get lost discovering its misteries and beautiful products.

There are face care products, including various make-up removers, toners, serums, face and eye creams, sunscreen, and products specifically designed to adress various skin problems.
Of course there are the cult make-up products that have made Bobbi Brown well known and loved all around the world. There is a large variety of foundations, concealers, powders for each skin type and preference.
to buy
on my wishlist
There are cream and powder blushes, the famous highlighters and a great variety of cream and powder eyeshadows. There are also brow products and mascaras.
want them!
I have swatched the Shimmer Brick highlighters and they are gorgeous! Buttery soft and very pigmented!
The Bobbi Brown gorgeous lipsticks and lip products are a must-have! They come in a great variety of textures and colours : mattes, creamy, sheer in both nude, every day shades and bolder, night time shades. The matte lipsticks are very pigmented, very creamy and nourishing and they leave a stain behind. They are definitely on my wishlist for Santa this year!
The lip glosses come in fabulous colours just perfect for the summer time!
For the make-up lovers Babbi Brown has created a good variety of make-up brushes. They are very soft and well crefted. A good quality make-up brush makes the work of a make-up artist easier.
All Bobbi Brown products are high quality products therefore they are not cheap. But I consider them a good investment. I am worth it!

I hope I convinced you that a visit to the Bobbi Brown store in Baneasa Shopping City is a must! I am sure you will fall in love with the products as I have! I leave you with a live video I made in the store. I am speaking both in English (at the beginning) and in Romanian (at the end).
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