miercuri, 28 octombrie 2015

MustaeV make-up products for Halloween

As the Halloween gets nearer I thought I would show you some make-up products and colours you can use for the spooky Halloween make-up. It's an exercise of imagination for me since I don't feel comfortable to wear this type of make-up. I prefer natural, light make-up. But I want to show you some colours that are perfect for this look. What better brand to use than one of my very favourites MustaeV.
If you want to find out more about the Halloween origins and traditions check out this post . As you already know Halloween is a time for spooky fun, wearing scary costumes, creative make-up and hair and playing pranks on your friends. 
A Halloween make-up for me would include lots of unusul colours I wouldn't normally wear, and all in one look : black, grey, pink, yellow, red, ghostly white and more. I would start with the lightest shade of foundation, then a thick layer of white powder to add to the face a deadly cast.
shade innocent

light on
Then I would start the eye make-up (I don't care if I have eyeshadow fall-out, it will look good, kind of grungy, careless, spooky). I would add a lot of black, dark grey, and lighten them a bit with a splash of yellow, pink and orange. I would define the eyes with a black eyeliner to make them stand out some more.
pink bikini
poppin yellow
I would finish the eye make-up with three or more layers of mascara, the spidery lash look is perfect for the Halloween evening!
maxi volume mascara
No blush tonight! The red, bloodied lips are fashionable so the MustaeV 10 shade lip pro palette is a must! The best thing is that you can customize the shades as you like; you can wear them on their own, mix them together to create a new shade, or lighten them with the white shade in the palette. Fun!
You can also use this palette to add some blood strategically onto parts of your face. You can also use the darker eyeshadows to create bruises "beautifying the face" even more. It's up to you how bold you choose your make-up to be. I think that in the Halloween evening everything goes ! So let your imagination and creativity run wild and have fun with make-up !

Have a “spook”tacular Halloween ! 


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