marți, 6 octombrie 2015

Elemis in Romania ? Yes, the Elemis Pop-Up Spa is here !

I have heard about Elemis products from some of my favourite You Tube bloggers from UK. I haven't had the oportunity of trying their products yet. Imagine my joy when I found out that Elemis has recently opened a store at the 1st floor in Baneasa Shopping City Mall, Bucharest.

ELEMIS is the most powerful and influential British brand with SPA and anti-aging products in the world. And it opened its first store in Romania! The store has only 9 square metres but it is divided into three specialized areas : a skin diagnosis area, a treatment area and a selling point (hooray! we can also buy the products we are recommended by the staff).
The diagnosis area contains the latest technologies in 3D analysis and mapping of the skin for a personalized dermatologic consultation. The skin will be analized in depth (the skin's levels of hydration and moisturization, the imperfections or pigmentation areas, the damage from the sun, the pores appearance and many more). After the consultation the specialists will recommend products suited for your skin problems.

You can also stop for a while in the treatment area for a short facial with the products recommended for you in the diagnosis area. You can see for yourself how the products feel on your skin and how you get along, before buying them. In the selling point you can finally buy the products of the brand and you can also be advised on what to choose by the specialist trained in UK.

So if you are in the area don't miss the Elemis Pop-Up Spa ! You can make reservations at 0732 093 709 or email at Until next time ,


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