miercuri, 21 octombrie 2015

Melkior Intensive Repair Hand Cream - perfect for the colder season

You know by now my deep love for hand creams : I have collected quite a number, keeping them at my desk, bedside table, in each purse and around the house. The more, the better ! Well I am happy to tell you more about a new hand cream, just perfect to greet the colder seasons : Melkior Intensive Repair Hand Cream.
The intensive repair cream is especially designed for the dry, dehydrated skin. It nourishes, hydrates, protects the skin, also improving its elasticity. It contains a cocktail of precious active ingredientes :
  • Dragon’s Blood Tree extract , a strong anti-oxidant , protects and fortifies the collagen fibres 
  • Shea Butter , nourishes, hydrates, protects and calms the skin
  • Argan Butter , hydrating and repairing effects, also an anti-aging agent
  • Inca Omega Oil , reduces the hyper-sensitivity and loss of water in the skin, also improves the micro-circulation
  • Ceramidyl-Omega , improves the elasticity and hydration level of the skin.
I have to admit I have high hopes from it, I find the ingredient list very interesting. Since I have the chance to test it, I will be back with a thorough review later on the blog.

You can find it in all Melkior stores and online at the special price of 29.90 ron. Until next time ,


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